Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movin On Up!

Good news! I have procured myself a new apartment about 5 minutes from my work right next to delicious Moody Street (I say delicious because there are about a million restaurants on that street, including my fav, Margarita's). I am very excited to say the least. Not to say that my current living situation is bad, it's just not ideal. When you're used to living alone, it's hard to have a roommate. Especially when you're roommate is trying to sell her/your place. So needless to say I am very much looking forward to having my own space again...and so are my little brats...I mean cats. They don't get along with her cat and it's sort of a huge issue. Not to switch over to a pet blog but here is a picture of one of my little princesses:
Now on to food. I had sort of a rough night last night and only had cheese and crackers for dinner :( Not a very balanced meal, but I of course was dealing with John Hancock (again) and was super stressed.

This morning was a repeat of yesterdays to die for breakfast (seriously, if you haven't tried nutella in your I am now enjoying a cup of coffee and will be eating the other half of my sandwich from panera for lunch today, along with some baked lays and a can of diet pepsi. I have gotten back into soda drinking unfortunately, but no where near the 2 liters a day I used to drink. A can or a bottle a day is my limit and I figure one a day really isn't THAT bad. See you after lunch friends!

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  1. I love eating cheese and crackers for dinner... I could actually eat it for lunch and breakfast too! lol