Friday, August 27, 2010


Good morning! As per my blog title this morning, this weekend is the North End's Saint Anthony's Feast...and even though I don't even have a smidge of Italian in me, I go for the food. I have been the last couple of years and it is a smorgasboard (sp?) of deliciousness. I can hardly contain myself! I also could barely contain myself at dinner last night. I decided to try out this restaurant I spotted while at Whole Foods in Woburn called Masa. There is one in Boston also, but I had never heard of it and it said "southwestern bar and grill" so I immediately decided that it would be next on my lists of restaurants to try. Just a warning, this restaurant is not for the foodies with thin wallets out there if you're going for dinner. However, they do have an excellent tapas menu so I would highly recommend dragging a few of your friends, grab a pitcher of white wine sangria like I did, and go to town! Last night we did go for dinner, but ordered an appetizer that was on both the tapas and dinner menu. First sangria...

Then the appetizer...Arepas (“ROPA VIEJA” BRAISED SHORT RIB STUFFED AREPAS - Slab Bacon and Hot Cherry Pepper Ketchup, Smoked Chile Emulsion)...which was not was I was expecting, but was still pretty good....

And then, the main course, a delicious 16oz New York Strip (which I only ate half of, which was still a lot for me), accompanied by baby corn and onion rings the side of my head that were out of this world! The steak was a little overcooked for me (I like my beef medium rare to medium) but was still quite good!

And dessert, a banana caramel bread pudding, which for some reason I could not manage to get a good photo of (maybe it was all that sangria, hah!) so eventually I gave up so I could enjoy my bread pudding ;).

When I finally came out of my food coma this morning I realized it was my favorite day of the week, bagel friday! Today I went with my usual of everything with plain cream cheese (they only have the garden veggie cream cheese once in a while and I guess today wasn't my lucky day). On the side of this went a glass of orange juice.

Off to do some work, I will holla at ya lata!

What is your favorite kind of bagel and cream cheese? Anyone else attending Saint Anthony's Feast this weekend?.

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