Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm sorry bloggies, I didn't get any pictures from last night's festivities :( But I will try to recreate it for you verbally. First up was of course, a beer...Bud Light for me (several more of these may or may not have been consumed over the course of the evening). Appetizers being passed around included fried mac n cheese (I had three just because I was so hungry but really am not a huge fan of it), mini cheeseburgers (I had only one, these were even less appetizing to me), and beef kebobs (I had one and they were delicious, but there were no trash barrels around so I was stuck holding the skewer for a while). Dinner was a southern BBQ buffet...which immediately when I heard this thought, CORNBREAD. And yes, there was cornbread. And it was oh so awesome. I also had some roasted veggies and a small rack of ribs that I didn't finish. I was saving room for the chocolate fountain. Heaven on earth I swear to you. I dipped a rice krispie treat, two marshmallows, and 2 wafer sticks. There should be chocolate fountains everywhere I feel. All in all I had a wonderful night and am certainly in rough shape this morning.

Cue bagel friday! Every Friday at my work there is fresh bagels and cream cheese. Well I hit the bagel and cream cheese lottery this morning because they had chunky garden vegetable cream cheese, which is my absolute favorite. I put that on an everything bagel. It's cool, I'm not kissing anyone today ;)

Today for lunch is TBD again. I have to go home for lunch so maybe I will get lucky and Carol will be there to make me one of her delicious sandwiches :) Later!

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