Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis at 28?

It happens. And it's happening to me today. I'm overwhelmingly jealous of the bloggers who have changed careers and followed their dreams to do what they love (Tina, Emily, Jenna) but unfortunately, quitting my job to pursue my passions is not economically feasible for me. A lot of the other bloggers have a great support system.  I have just me, myself, and I. So, I use my creative outlet on this blog, and hope that someday something is going to come along that will help me change my life. But today I realized that nothing is ever going to come along, I have to make it happen. So what's the next step? Well, I did some research this morning on becoming a registered dietician. While that is a great dream, it's not something I would be able to do financially. Scratch that. What's next? I'm thinking becoming a certified fitness instructor a la Gina. I think it is definitely something I would enjoy immensely and is acheivable for me. I haven't done enough in the ways of pursuing happiness in my life, so it's time to start! Wish me luck!

As I told you, I'm in the middle of moving, so breakfast today was a cranberry muffin. Not in the least bit nutritious, but 50 kinds of delicious :) Unfortunately I was running late this morning so I didn't have time to swing by Dunkin Donuts, therefore it was cafeteria time for breakfast.

I didn't photograph my lunch because it's so horrific I can't even face it on the blog :( It's been a really stressful week and the gods of convenience smiled down on me by putting a burger king down the street from my new apartment...enough said.

Have you ever gone through a quarter-life crisis?

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  1. I give you major props for handling everything on your OWN. It's no secret that my parents helped me move to NYC to pursue my "dreams." And by help, I mean, financially. I do think though that nothing is impossible. Ever. You can reach your dreams. I think it's good that you realized a stepping stone goal to the bigger picture. Btw, have you read The Alchemist? I recently did and it truly made me feel that all of my dreams are within reach. It's a great story.