Monday, August 2, 2010

Zumba Here I Come!

Good day all! So based on a conversation I had last night with my dear friend Carol, I have decided to go back raw when I move again. I feel the best about myself and have the most energy when I eat raw. I have also decided to go ahead and make the investment and get a vitamix since I've killed two blenders recently :( I have been eating clean as much as I can but everything has been so crazy lately that it's been difficult.

On another note, I am very excited to attend my first Zumba class tonight. Gina over at talks it up constantly so I'm amped to finally give it a try tonight! I will report back later. So far this new gym that I've joined (Boston Sports Club) is by far and away the best gym I have ever been to. I highly recommend it for anyone in the Boston area. It is pretty pricey, but well worth every penny, especially if you are the kind of person that likes to take yoga and pay the $15 drop in rate that they charge at most studios.

So far today I had oatmeal for breakfast (I know you're surprised) with my usual add-ins of protein powder, agave, cinnamon, and I went with dried cranberries today again since I haven't replenished my chopped walnut stock and I ate the pumpkin butter so much that I got sick of it. For lunch was my thrown-together dinner from a couple of months back that I froze of brown rice, kidney beans, turkey sausage, and various spices (don't recall exactly what went in it but remembered after I started eating it that it needed more salt and possibly a dash of chili powder). I also went in to the convenience store and bought a package of Reese's Pieces. Now I know what you're thinking here...what, no cookie? Well, I needed something sweet to console myself after the anxiety that John Hancock has caused me with my pension and 401k distributions but didn't want to get another so-so 300 calorie Sarah Lee cookie so I went with my favorite candy standby with a calorie bargain of only 210. And a diet coke. Hey, I've told you guys before that I'm weak, right?

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