Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anger Management Course Maybe?

Remember when I told you guys that I was happy to have found someone at Home Depot that knew what they were talking about when it came to paint because I had no clue? Well apparently this guy was full of shit. When I told him how big the two rooms I was planning to paint where and how many windows there were, etc., he told me I would need 3 gallons of paint. What a load of crap. It took Danielle and I only ONE GALLON of paint for both rooms. And it came out stunning. I got the primer paint so that you are only supposed to have to do one coat and it was true, we only did one coat. Just one gallon of paint. Therefore I now have to haul 2 gallons of paint back to HD tonight and see if they will take them back. They better for $32 a gallon! Hopefully I don't run into the same lady that I whacked with a paint can last time. I actually forgot to tell this story the day I bought the paint because I was so excited about the actual paint. Reading the Daily Balance today I commented about something that drives me crazy. People who walk three-wide down an aisle or the sidewalk. This reminded me what happened at Home Depot as I was walking to the checkout to purchase my cantaloupe slice paint. A woman, her husband, and her teenage daughter were walking and chatting to each other down the Home Depot aisle. Three wide of course. Now here I come, with my THREE GALLONS of paint and accessories that I am carrying without a cart, and the woman makes eye contact with me, yet does not pull over a little to give me ample room to pass. So, just like the angry person that I am when people do not give me my space, as I struggled past her in the 6 inches of space she gave me, I "accidentally" whacked her in the arm with my paint can. Her response of "owww" was all the apology I needed. Next time give me room bitch!

Yes I know I'm an angry human being. And I'm ok with that :)


  1. That lady deserved it. You have to be a real jerk to not even move when someone is carrying a heavy load.
    You know what I can't deal with? Strollers. They're everywhere and the kids are never in them!

  2. everybody paints differently... Charlotte's room (a regular size room) took 2 gallons of paint bc my dad was doing it and he paints with a lot of paint.

    You should always do a second coat, even if it looks covered now, in certain light there maybe lighter patches... it's worth doing the second coat... don't return both gallons