Thursday, September 2, 2010

OMG! Donna Finally Slept with David!

Happy 90210 day everyone! We must pay homage to one of the greatest shows ever. I wish I still had my B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt from the 5th grade so I could bust it out today. As a side note...who is that guy on the far right? Was he on for like 3 episodes? And did anyone else dislike Andrea Zuckerman intensely the way I did? As an FYI for all of you fellow 90210 lovers out there, SoapNet plays reruns constantly. They also play reruns of the O.C., Gilmore Girls, and One Tree if teen shows are your thing (like they are mine) then call your cable provider and get this station! If only they would start playing reruns of Dawson's Creek, I wouldn't need any other channels. Well that's not exactly true, I would still need ABC Family for Secret Life and MTV for Jersey Shore. Speaking of that, is everyone is excited about the Sammi vs. J-Woww showdown tonight? 10pm it's going down. Very exciting.

Breakfast this morning was just a Lara Bar because I was running late again (why oh why can't I get my act together and get out the door when I need to?). Today and tomorrow are my last two days eating on the fly because Sunday afternoon I will be all moved in to my new apartment and able to make normal meals again!

Who was your favorite 90210 character?

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