Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch and a Baking Experiment

Hi bloggies!

Lunch today was a big sandwich. The star of the show was the avocado (I have an obsession with it) along with some hummus, tomatoes, and chicken on rye bread. Yum.

On the side I had some veggie crisps. These have actually lasted a full two weeks in my house, which is amazing, because I love them. My eating habits really have gotten better since I moved though. I am loving lots of fruits and veggies these days.

Dinner was just some cheese and crackers.

I actually had the brilliant idea to bake on my way home since it was starting to pour any my plan was to run outside, so what better stay-at-home activity than baking, right? WRONG. I was one big pile of fail today. My idea was whole wheat banana walnut muffins. More like banana walnut muffin lead balls. I don't know what I did wrong with them, but they were extremely heavy and just didn't taste that great. I will have to work on that recipe some more. I did eat one muffin and a half before i just threw the rest of the batch out. Boo :( I was excited to get a new recipe for you guys too. Oh well.

Any baking fails for anyone else?

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