Thursday, September 9, 2010

Retail Therapy

Good evening! After work today I decided to engage in a little retail therapy to cheer myself up. The result wasn't that bad, although I did almost walk out of the mall with this...

A $395 black leather Kate Spade. Isn't it beautiful? I still may go back and get it. I'm in the market for a new bag and I refuse to buy another Coach or Dooney because I already have a bunch of those. This one is classic and versatile and I sort of love it. What I actually came out with was just this...

A pair of skinny jeans from the Gap, a pair of yoga capris from Vicki's, and a pair of tweezers and purple eyeliner from Sephora. I had actually stopped in Banana Republic as well to try to find a short fall jacket and a black cardigan but I didn't have any luck on either one of those.

For those of you who didn't know, I used to work at the Burlington Mall. I just ended my second part time job there back in July and I actually haven't been to that mall since then outside of Nordstrom (to visit Shayna) and the apple store to buy my macbook. I had forgotten how FUN the mall was. (Sarcasm in case you didn't recognize it). There are a few items I would like to point out:

1. If you have a gut, low rise jeans are not appropriate for you.
2. Apparently Snooki really did bring the sky high poof into fashion. Horrid.
3. It's a bad idea to go to the mall straight from work wearing 4 inch strappy sandals
4. It is damn near impossible to resist the food court.

I love this place they have in the food court called Appleseed. They have delicious crepes and paninis. I myself got the turkey panini with swiss, tomato, and pesto mayonnaise on whole wheat bread. It was just as yummy as I remembered. They serve it with the best chips as well. They are thick, not at all greasy, and pack the perfect crunch. I had forgotten how much I love Appleseed.

Two restaurants over from Appleseed is Shotcakes. I managed to resist, but if live in the area, you must really try it. It's ice cream filled cupcakes with an assortment of toppings. Ultimate foodgasm people. Speaking of Snooki, I am getting all settled in to watch Jersey Shore tonight, YAY!

Are you watching Jersey Shore tonight? Who's your favorite?


  1. Even though you didnt get the gorgeous purse, I do love your purchases! you can ever go wrong with jeans or yoga pants!

  2. I want a crossbody purse, but I'm not buying anything until October because I'm part of the American Apparel Diet. There's a sweet one at Target I want (I'm cheap).

    I want that sandwich. I'll have to check out that food court!