Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bake Off Fail

I lost the baking contest to SEVEN LAYER BARS. AND she forgot a layer so they weren't even 7 layer bars, they were 6 layer bars. Doesn't that mean an automatic disqualification or something? False advertising? Something? Oh well, it was only a baking contest I suppose. Had I not gotten some really FABULOUS news today, that probably would've ruined my whole day. Yes I am that petty and shallow.

Breakfast today was my recent usual cereal and lunch was a sampling of all the desserts. Since I couldn't take pictures for you guys, below is a list and little description of all the items:

Chocolate Chip Cookies - No explanation needed
Striped Delights - Chocolate cake and vanilla frosting layers, with fudge thrown in
Cherry Things - I forgot the name of these but they had a cream cheese layer with cherries and top and actually would've been my vote if I could've voted and wasn't voting for myself (which face it, would NEVER happen, I am always going to vote for myself even if my cheesecake takes like shit)
Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes - Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies - No explanation needed
Seven (actually six) Layer Bars - No explanation needed, these are pretty standard

There was actually a seventh entry that I don't recall at this moment because it had coconut, which I despise.

After work, went for a lovely 4 mile run on the Waltham Bike Trail with Jimmy and actually remembered to bring my camera along this time to photograph it for you guys since it is really pretty :)

There's Jimmy running ahead of me as usual...

The loop I do is 4 miles, but you can shorten it or lengthen it, the actual bike trail is a total of about 20 miles I believe if you do the whole thing. It's a very picturesque trail with a mix of asphalt, packed sand, and wood bridges. It's great for variety and is one of my favorite trails that I've run on. After a nice easy run, Jimmy and I decided that the best way to end our run would be to finish it off with pizza! We decided to head over to the Upper Crust, where I have eaten before, but not the one in Waltham. We ordered a small wheat pizza, half broccoli and half pineapple. The half pineapple was all me...yeah I know I'm a little weird. I'm ok with it.

The pizza itself was good, not quite what I expected though. It was thin crust pizza, but the one I had before I ordered a wheat crust but it was light and fluffy with a thick crust, so I'm not sure if all of the chains are different. I will have to try ordering it again and see what happens. Aside from the pizza, I absolutely loved the ambiance of the place. They had a 90s alternative rock station playing that was soooo up my alley. I love me some 90s alternative rock! The ceiling was also made up of the silver pizza trays, which I thought was super cute.

Now I'm finally off to shower my stinky self after posting this. Have a good night friends!

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