Friday, September 10, 2010

A Better Me

Hey y'all. I did the unthinkable last night. I defriended my ex on facebook. I was becoming one of those crazy stalker types so it had to be done. He likes another girl (a girl I know, how fun for me) and I couldn't take looking at their cutesy wall posts back and forth anymore. So I defriended. Now, for the record, I NEVER defriend anyone. Even if I hate your guts and haven't talked to you in years, I don't defriend, because still on some level, I'm interested in your life. I want to know what you're doing on a Saturday night and who you say Happy Birthday to on their wall. I know I'm not the only facebook stalker in the world, there are lots of us. We may be a crazy bunch, but dammit facebook stalking is FUN.

So anyway, he has been defriended and I have come to the realization that it is high time I let go and enjoy my life as a single girl. I want to put my focus and energy into things that being a better cook, a better friend, a better blogger, just a better ME. I want to focus more on my running and run a half marathon in the spring. I am not ready to date again, but I will be eventually and when I am, I want to have firmly established myself as ME. Without my ex. Because let's be honest, I was the chameleon girlfriend who molded her life to fit a boy when I met him. And in the process I lost myself. Well it's time to find me again. Take THAT stupid whoreface who has liked my ex for years. He's all yours.

Hey, how about some food? Ok! Breakfast was a pumpkin raisin bagel. Yes my fav! They don't have them often on fridays, but I got lucky today! Plain cream cheese of course. They do offer lite cream cheese but really when it comes to dairy, I don't believe in reduced fat. I firmly believe that taking the fat out of dairy gets rid of a lot of the nutrients and really it just doesn't taste as good so why would you do it? I wouldn't!

Lunch today was a big salad (remember that episode of Seinfeld about the big salad? Love that episode). In the mix today went romaine, radishes, tomatoes, a little avocado, and some goddess dressing. I had a hunk of chicken breast on the side from a pre-made roasted chicken I bought. Seriously what a time saver! I can't believe I hadn't discovered these things sooner!

I'm off to a BBQ tonight (my second to last of the year, last is tomorrow) so I will be hitting the hot dogs and beer tonight like nobody's business. I love me some processed meat parts in a buttery bun slathered with condiments. I know you all agree. Processed meat products are the american way. Like baseball or apple pie.

Jersey Shore last night was excellent! I am so addicted to that show. Another thing I love about fall though is all the tv premiers! There are so many! I don't have many new shows on the DVR this season but one I will definitely be watching is Blue Bloods. Why am I watching that you ask? Because Donnie Wahlberg is on it. That's the only reason. Otherwise it will be the typical Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy rotation with a lot of crappy reality TV thrown in because that's how I roll.

What new shows will you be watching this fall?


  1. This post made me lol... a lot! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment yesterday :)
    And good for you for de-friending the ex! The best way to move on is to completely close that door. I was the worst about my ex for way too long and had to do something similar to start fresh.

  3. Good job!

    I have so many girlfriends who never got to spend time as a single woman. I believe its so important to be on your own for a while--enjoy being single and learning more about yourself!

  4. I agree with everyone, great choice. It takes a strong willed person to admit that its time to move on and start fresh. And there is no show like Jersey Shore could watch it everyday.