Saturday, September 4, 2010

Orange is the new Beige

Hi hi hi! Painted the new apartment today finally. My cantaloupe slice turned out very lovely, I couldn't possibly be happier! I was supposed to paint the apartment in "neutrals" but orange is kind of a neutral right? Like a beige? No? Oh well. I love bright colors and I love it. Here is a shot of my helper...well not really helper, since she did the hard part of all the trim while I just rolled the big parts...

As you can see, the room was pretty boring before. Here is the finished product!

I actually did both the livingroom and diningroom in this color since they are connected and it just seemed to make sense to do them both the same color. In the livingroom (which has a lot of sunlight) the paint looks orange sherbert-esque. In the diningroom it looks more peachy. I love it in both lights. All I have to say is thank God for Danielle...there is no way I could've done this all myself and it turned out so great that I'm contemplating the rest of the apartment too!

After painting, I did another load in my car including all the rugs and then made yet another trip to Target only to discover when I returned to the apartment that the curtains I bought for the diningroom don't fit. Boo.

Today's eats were totally random since it was such a busy day...breakfast was a bowl and a half of kashi cereal with I loved. I haven't had cereal in two months so it has been on my mind. Lunch was just a kashi bar and some veggie chips. Dinner was the most random of all. On my way back from Target a craving hit me. Baked beans! So when I got back to the apartment I whipped some up and they were everything I had hoped they would be!

To make the meal a little more balanced I had some strawberries and banana on the side for some fruits since I had no fruits and veggies today and that was all I had in the house. I can't wait to have a big ginormous salad on Monday after I go grocery shopping :)

What are you craving today?

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  1. Looks awesome!!! I love the built in cabinets too!