Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snickers and the Glass Castle

Hi there! New music Tuesday! Not that there was anything worth buying on iTunes this morning, but I still love new music Tuesday anyway.

Before I headed off to my book club meeting last night, I whipped myself up some delicious stir fry (as a side note, I wonder how many times I've used the word delicious on this blog??). In the mix is 2 bags of frozen mixed veggies, 1 pound of organic chicken, some teriyaki sauce, and a little salt and pepper. So simple, so filling.

After my yummy dinner, I headed out to my book club meeting. I joined a book club because I read a ton of books and it would be nice to have people to discuss them with on a regular basis (I have a couple of friends who read the same books as well, but I thought a book club would be fun) and sure enough, I had a great time!

We read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I really enjoyed the book, although much of it was very disturbing. Unfortunately, the parents in the book reminded me so much of my own parents (only not nearly as bad) and it brought back some ugly memories. Of course I didn't share this information at my book club meeting since it was my first time meeting these girls and didn't want to get too personal on the first meeting. But I can tell you guys these things ;)

I had actually read Jeannette Walls' other book first, Half Broke Horses, without knowing that she had written The Glass Castle first and I wished I had read this one first as it was the far better of the two.

Our next book is Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Even though I have a ginormous pile of "to be read" books, it looks like I will have to go on the hunt for this one to read. Next on my list outside of the book club is the True Blood books. Yes, I'm a tad obsessed with True Blood. But I have to have something to fill the void of the show until it comes back next summer. And I know once I start reading these books it will just be like the Twilight series all over again...I will finish all ten of them in a week. I read fast.

Breakfast was the usual cereal and lunch was a piece of pizza. I know it's not ideal, but I limited myself to only one because I had to grab lunch quick. I brought a lara bar to hold me over until dinner but I'm considering heading over to the convenience store for a soda and a candy bar. It's been a really long time since I've had a candy bar. Probably my good old friend Snickers will be the bar of choice.

What is your favorite kind of candy bar?

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