Monday, September 13, 2010

Kicking the Caffeine Habit

Once again I changed my plan for lunch. Given how cold it is outside today, I was not looking forward to a salad, I really wanted something hot today. Perusing through my fridge I stumbled upon a package of whole wheat tortellinis that I bought a while ago. Made sure I had some sauce and we had lunch! I also found a package of artichoke hearts in the freezer as well and decided to throw those in for some veggies. The end result was delicious and hit the spot perfectly

As I mentioned earlier, I want to talk about caffeine. I consume a lot of it. I try not to, but I always fail. About every six months or so I get the bright idea to stop drinking caffeine altogether, cold turkey. It never works. I go a couple of weeks and then I start having "just one" soda at lunch time. That one soda then spreads to "just one" coffee in the morning. Then that one coffee leads into "just one more." See? I have a problem. It's not so much the caffeine that's the issue. It's the artificial ingredients, sugar, and cream that accompany the coffee and soda habit.

So today, I am vowing once again, to stop drinking caffeine. This time, however, instead of going cold turkey, I'm going to wean myself off slowly. Starting tomorrow, I'm only going to have a half a cup of coffee in the morning and just half a glass of soda at lunch. I'm going to keep that up until I feel like I'm ready to eliminate them altogether. I have never been much of a tea drinker though I do like it occasionally. I need to find a substitute for the soda with lunch. I love carbonation, but I hate seltzer water and most things that are flavored are either flavored artificially or have way too many calories for a drink. Anyone have any good suggestions in this area?


  1. I never liked Tea until I tried Teavana tea and its SO good.

    I'm the same way as you thought--cold turkey doesnt work for me. It scares me. Gradual is best!

  2. I'm in the same boat as Steph i'm cycling off caffeine and creatine. Its hard to do but has to be done, usually get bad headaches for the first week and then gets alot better after that. BTW I wish i was eating that tortellini.