Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Mrs. Armstrong

I love spin. Besides running, it's easily my favorite exercise. As you all know, I went out and bought spin bike shoes at REI the other night. Well, I tried them out for the first time this morning and wow what a difference they make! Yes they do make your pinky toes go a little numb, but they force you to improve your form and give you much better balance than just strapping your sneakers in. They also made me feel legit. Like I'm serious about this sport. So what if I don't own an actual bike? So what if I fear helmet hair? I own spin shoes. I am the female Lance Armstrong with these shoes on :)

Bagel Friday today...they did have Pumpkin Raisin (my fav) but was more craving savory than sweet, so I rolled with the Everything today. With my usual side of orange juice. Lunch was the last of the leftover tortellini. I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner because I have one last head of romaine and a bag of spinach that must be eaten in the next 2 days or it's getting thrown out and I hate to throw out food. I was thinking maybe a spinach protein smoothie with a side of roasted sweet potato fries. I've been craving sweet potato fries all week.

Has anyone else been watching Jackie Warner's Thintervention?

I love all shows like this (love Biggest Loser and even watched 2 seasons of Diet Tribe on Lifetime) and used to watch Jackie's old show. She is similar to Jillian Michaels, but for some reason she seems more human to me. Jillian seems really fake at times (though I love love love her, don't get me wrong) and Jackie seems a bit more real. The incident that caused her to lose her first show was a comment she made about a woman's breasts who had them reconstructed after breast cancer. I am not condoning her comment whatsoever, but she made a mistake and is trying to come back from it and I personally value that about her. I am loving the show so far. It has group therapy sessions, but doesn't feel as touchy-feely as Biggest Loser and doesn't have those annoyingly shameless product placements in the middle of the show (AKA Bob taking contestants to the kitchen to sing the praises of those Ziploc steamer bags). If you've read any of Jillian's books also you know that she doesn't believe in chewing gum because of the artificial sugar in it, yet her and bob push it on BL like it's the cure-all for obesity. That being said, I cannot WAIT for Biggest Loser to start up next week!

Who do you like better, Jillian or Bob?


  1. I don't like Jillian at all. I think she has some internal issues of her own that she needs to work out. I've read a lot of interviews with her and she comes across as a very angry and bitter woman.
    Bob, I don't know, he's just there I guess.
    Jackie's okay. I like her dvd's, but I think she's a crappy boss.

  2. I tend to think i'd rather have Bob as a trainer. I Work hard on my own so having someone scream in my face would really just piss me off.