Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toes are the New Black

Sometimes my stupidity astounds me. I bought a new pair of running sneakers a little while back. Instead of trying them on, I just bought the size I "usually" am and called it a day. I didn't change brands or anything, I went with my old faithful mizunos. Well, apparently they cut this particular pair a teeny bit small. Picture Cinderella's ugly stepsister trying to force her ginormous foot into that tiny glass slipper. That's me with these sneakers only I'm not ugly. And instead of being smart and returning them immediately after realizing they were too small, no, I decided to stick it out and run in them anyway. I really am smart, I promise.

Oh and I've also been putting off buying proper spin shoes, so my big toe has taken an extra beating from the straps of the spin bike pedals. Oh and I wear high heels everyday. I can feel this black toenail coming a MILE way. Or in my case, probably about 20 more miles before it rears it's ugly head. I really should have known better in this case. So it looks like I will be buying new running sneakers this weekend too in addition to the new bag I plan on buying :)

Breakfast today was cereal and lunch was some of the leftover torellini and artichokes that I had monday. No pictures because you all know what cereal looks like and you've seen the tortellini with artichokes. I was up and at 'em this morning at 5:30am to hit up a spin class and I have to say, working out in the morning always leaves me feeling super charged all morning long. Getting my lazy ass out of my warm cozy bed is always the tough part though. As long as I can get out of bed, I can make it to class.

On the agenda after work tonight is a visit to my salon for some hair yanking (the funnest thing ever) and some errands. Tonight will be my only night this week to myself so I need to get some things done, including getting started on the book for my book club meeting in less than 2 weeks. Yes, I can be a slacker.

Is there anything you are slacking on?

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