Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love Gossip

It's official. The TV premier season is upon us! First up we have my personal fav (besides True Blood of course) Gossip Girl! I was disappointed by the mere glance of Ed Westwick, who is 50% of the reason I watch the show...but I have a feeling he will not disappoint me next week. Swoon. I happen to love "teenager" shows and would most certainly act like a tween with a celebrity crush if I ever ran into any of the stars of the shows on the street. Or I would stalk them for six blocks like I did with Kelly Washington. Bottom line is, I'm a little obsessive. And Gossip Girl is right up my alley because well, I love me some gossip. I LOVE hearing about other people's lives. Which is also probably why I tend to be a facebook stalker. Hm. I'm sensing a pattern here. Anyway, I'm hopeful that this season of GG will be great because frankly, if it's not, the ratings are down and it will be on the chopping block.

Breakfast today was the same as yesterday, a cantaloupe bowl with greek yogurt and granola. I actually like it so much that I went to the supermarket to get two more cantaloupes. Yes, whenever I find something I like I eat it until I'm sick of it, so it looks like that's what I'm going to do with this cantaloupe bowl too.

I didn't stay true to my word today :( Instead of having just a half a cup of coffee, it actually ended up 2/3 of a cup. Oh well. At least it was a little less. Lunch at home today will be a big salad and a piece of the rye bread on the side. I don't know what it is, but the Hannaford in Waltham makes the softest loaves of bread and I really can't get enough. I thought the sourdough was my favorite, but the rye is catching up fast.

Speaking of bread, I walked through the organic/natural aisles last night and saw ezekiel bread. I have never seen it in a supermarket before, just at Trader Joe's. This supermarket actually sells a variety of things I have not seen outside of TJ's or Whole Foods so I'm quite happy about that. I have tried Ezekiel bread before, and I know Jillian Michaels is a huge fan...but I have to say, it tastes like dog shit and it's like chewing on rubber. When I eat bread I want to be flavorful, soft, and delicious. I really don't know what the hulabaloo (that's right, I used hulabaloo in a sentence) is all about with the ezekiel bread. I know it's healthy for you, but much like low fat cheese, why do it? It's just not the same.

I'm going for a 4 mile run tonight on the Charles River Bike Path that I have been raving to you guys about. I've decided I'm finally going to try upping my mileage this weekend and either go for 5 or 6. I'm slowly but surely getting there! When I burned out last fall on running, I actually became so disillusioned with running that I ebayed my Garmin. I am regretting that decision now. I have been considering the 405, does anyone have any experience with the 405? I really loved the 305, but hated it's bulk. Something to consider.

What "healthy" foods does everyone rave about that you can't stand?


  1. Everyone raves about Lunabars, but I think they taste like dirt.

    They sell Ezekial at Shaws and Roche Bros!

  2. Most of them do, yes...the only one that is halfway decent is Nuts Over Chocolate, but even then, you can taste the grittiness of the protein powder in it.

  3. I actually grew to like Ezekial. Now I love it. The first time, I was like what the hell is this.

    First of all, I have to toast it.

    SEcond of all, its great as toast or with pb. I dont like it so much with a sandwich.

    Try the ezkeial cinnamon raison english muffins. yum.

    that being said, I only buy it every once in a while. too expensive.

  4. I agree with Lisa, got to toast it and absolutely top it with pb! Hmm, I remember you saying that the chia seeds were a horrible idea, still haven't tried them but hear a lot about them. For what I have tried though, I'll say that almond butter and soy milk just don't do it for me... I'm perfectly fine with my skim milk and natural peanut butter! In fact, I love my peanut butter so much... I've even started sampling flavors! :) MMmm maple!