Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoe Fetish

I have a SERIOUS shoe problem. If you know me, you already knew that. But in case you don't, I have at least 50 pairs of shoes, not including sneakers. And the reason I ONLY have 50 is because I clean out my closet fairly often and donate to Goodwill. I refuse to be that lady that literally lived in her shoes. After going to have my hair yanked last night, I decided to head over to REI in Natick to pick up some spin shoes.

I was really excited that I found an employee at REI who actually knew what they were talking about (how many times do you go to a store with questions and find someone who doesn't BS you??) This woman was super helpful and even put my clips on for me as well as gave me helpful hints of adjustments I can make and what I can do if I decide to get a real bike in the future. An overall awesome shopping experience. Next up was DSW, where I walked out with a new pair of sneakers to run in.

I'm excited to break these guys in tonight. Haven't decided if I want to do the 4 mile path or hit up the track. I have to say though that all this running is making me want to run a race. I may do a 5K soon just to test myself out. I do prefer the longer distance races though. Something to consider. Anyway, the other two shoe purchases were part necessity, part desire. I wanted/needed a pair of black high heel ankle boots for work for the winter.

They actually had these in a few different colors as well. I did momentarily consider the snakeskin, but then thought better of it. No need to go crazy. The last pair is actually a pair I own in a different color but love them so much that I decided to buy them in black as well. I did look all around for a pair of knee high black boots that I liked as much as these to avoid buying something I already have in a different color (to me this is sort of a sign of someone with no fashion sense and I hate to be that girl) but as hard as I tried I just couldn't find a pair. So I just went with what I already liked.

Fantastic aren't they? What's great is that you can wear them a bunch of different ways, folded over, slouched down, or all the way up to the knee. Very versatile.

Dinner last night was a lean cuisine microwave pizza as I had approximately 10 minutes at home before heading out to my wax appointment. I do have those in my freezer for just such an emergency. Breakfast was the usual cereal. I know I know, my creativity astounds you!

Anyone else have a shoe problem?


  1. Just found your blog! Perfect post for me to stumble on as I used to think that I had a shoe problem... however now that it's getting too cold in MN to wear open toed shoes I'm looking at my fall shoe collection and realizing that I no longer have this problem. Don't worry, I'm working on it and it will be a problem again in no time :)

  2. oooh ... both of those black boots are super adorable! unfortunately, I'm relatively boring: tennis shoes for work, flip flops until I see snow on the ground, and *maybe* a pair of flats. I feel too self conscious in heels (I'm 5'9") and don't consider myself very fashionable. lol.