Friday, September 3, 2010

An "Oh Shit" Moment

Happy bagel friday! You all know that I love bagel friday. I went with my usual of an everything bagel with plain cream cheese (still no veggie in sight today). Just as I was slathering up my bagel with cream cheese, I dropped half of it. And I also said "oh shit" very loudly in a room full of my coworkers. I swear that I could feel the room go silent and everyone's eyes turn to me to see what could possibly cause me to swear in public at work. Luckily, someone made a "5 second rule" joke and the silence was then filled with laughter. I laughed too in relief that someone broke the awkward silence and then I had to go make another bagel. Not a good start to the day, but I figure it can only go up from here right?

So tomorrow I'm painting my new apartment, with the assistance of my lovely friend Danielle (who is the bestest friend EVER) and I went to Home Depot at lunch to pick up the supplies. Let me just preface this by saying that few things overwhelm me like a warehouse store (like BJs, Costco, Home Depot, DSW Shoes) and this was no exception. Thank GOD there was an employee who knew about painting there to help me because I had no idea what I was doing. Who knew there were so many different kinds, brands, etc. of paint? I mean, it's paint, how hard can it be? I told him how big the two rooms were that I was painting and he told me how much paint I would need and what finish I should use. Luckily I walked out with sufficient amount of paint and the supplies needed to get my new apartment all spiffy, ready for the furniture on Sunday. I have to tell you I am beyond excited to have this move over with. It has been a long process and it's about time for it to be over. In case you guys were curious, this is the color I will be painting my livingroom...cantaloupe slice!

Lunch was on the go (I know you're surprised) so it had to be something quick and easy. I swung through the McDonald's drive through for some chicken strips and a parfait. Not the healthiest, but not the worst I've ever eaten either.

Now onto something more serious. I have recently redevoted myself to this whole blog thing, because honestly, I really do love it. I love committing my ideas to paper (or in this case, internet paper) and having people read it. Since recommitting though, I've struggled with finding my voice. I have been comparing myself to so many of the other blogs I read and being critical of the way I do this blog. I feel guilt over the lack of pictures and the shitty quality of the ones I do post. But you know what? In the end I can't stress about these things. There are too many other important things in life that I can stress over. The blog is supposed to be my outlet, not a source of anxiety for me. So I'm just going to make more of an effort to go with the flow and not stress if I can't get good pictures for the blog or if I happen to miss a day due to life getting in the way and focus more on the things that I want to write about, not telling you guys what I eat every meal of every day. Because let's be honest, I'm a creature of habit and I happen to eat the same shit every day for weeks straight. It's not the best nutritionally, but it works for me. I eat something until I get sick of it. So thanks for sticking with me the few of you who actually do read the blog and I hope you will keep reading, even if my pictures are crap...

P.S. Are you guys liking the new layout? I think it looks a lot cleaner, don't you think?


  1. Paint is VERY overwhelming... it took me months to pick the perfect shade of pink for Charlotte's room... only to then realize it's the exact color of J&J Baby Lotion. Love it, but had I realized that that was the color I wanted, it would have saved weeks of agonizing...

  2. Painting is the worst! Seriously though, I like the layout of the blog. One reason why I haven't blogged is because I'm self conscious about what I write. Just keep blogging about whatever you feel comfortable with, and over time the words will just flow.