Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Bitch Hates Dishes

I am a BITCH today. I cannot even stand to hear people talking. Due to life circumstances, I'm feeling a little fed up with people. The best thing would be for me to just hole up and avoid everyone, but alas, I don't have that option. I am, however, looking forward to sharing my evening with Mer and Der and a buttload of fattening foods to share with my friends ;) I've already had both a blondie and a cupcake today, but that's not going to stop me from having another of each tonight. The cupcakes are actually a lot better the second day, after the frosting has a chance to settle.

Speaking of fattening foods, I have my culinary creations from last night all packed up and ready to take over to my friend's house. I also have a sinkful of dishes and dirty countertops. I like cooking, but I really HATE doing dishes. These guys will probably sit in the sink until Sunday. Even if they start to give off a weird smell (which they most certainly will after 5 days) I just don't think I will have time to do them. And even if I did, I would still put it off.

Breakfast today was cereal, and lunch was mini chicken tacos from Trader Joes (if you haven't tried these, they are super yummy and relatively healthy). I was having one of those days where vegetables were just not going to cut it. Sometimes it's best just to indulge yourself I feel.

I want to talk a little bit about the season premier of Biggest Loser. How cruel of them was it to call three people per city to get weighed in and then tell them that one of them isn't going? Talk about crushing someone's dreams. Especially when every one of these people had a dead relative (not to be insensitive, but at least 75% of these people had a relative that died recently, which will bode well for those touchy-feely talks Jillian likes to have with people about their issues). But oh wait! Biggest Loser is SO tricky. In the previews they show that some of these people WILL be making it on the ranch. Oh BL you had me fooled for a minute! Except that they did this last season. BL gets an F for originality. I still love the show though and will be faithfully watching it.

Anyone else having a bitchy day?

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