Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dreadmill

I hate the treadmill. Hate. But alas, it's that time of year now when it's not light enough to run outside before work, so I had to endure the dreadmill this morning. My gym has an indoor track, but at 6am on the weekdays, it's full of moms and old ladies walking and chatting and it basically becomes an obstacle course. Not that I have ANY issue throwing 'bows and hip checking people who block my path, but at 6am I fear my rage at being blocked would turn into full scale assault. So for the safety of others, I decided to stick with the treadmill this morning. The plan was to do 4 miles, the first mile at 5.0, second mile at 5.2, third mile at 5.5 and then finish with the final mile at 5.0. Well I made it through three miles easily and then slowed it back down to 5.0 and just suddenly lost my mojo. I ended up stopping at 3.6 miles and calling it a day. I've been to the gym every morning this week so far so cutting it 0.4 miles short won't kill me. I think the reason I lost my mojo was because running on the treadmill is like being a hamster on a wheel and I get very very bored.

Breakfast after the run was cereal (in case anyone was curious, the cereal I eat every day is Kashi Heart Smart with unsweetened almond milk...don't want you all thinking I eat fruity pebbles with chocolate milk every day). Lunch was a fried egg and some TJ's mini chicken tacos. I am down to the bare bones of my refrigerator. I have no veggies except for spinach and no fruit except for some mashed bananas that I am making banana bread out of tonight. So I had to grab whatever I had on hand for lunch. Dinner tonight is being made for me by my very handsome date :) Photos of that tomorrow.

What do you do to relieve treadmill boredom?

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  1. The treadmill is so hard to put up with. I think you did great though. I'm a huge fan of cereal like Kashi with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze too.