Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ugh Monday morning. I had a busy busy weekend! Two parties, one football game, two dinner dates, the finale of True Blood, and one run. My weekend sustenance consisted mostly of the following things:

Yum Oktoberfest! I do love Sam Summer, but nothing hits the spot like either Oktoberfest or a good pumpkin ale. Fall is the best beer season! I may or may not have had a beer or two the last three days in a row...

Wings. I had these Saturday afternoon at my friend Beth's BBQ homemade and then again at Jerry Remy's for the Pats game yesterday. Wings are actually a new thing for me, I never used to like them, but ever since going to the Dominican and having few other decent options at a restaurant, I ate some and have been craving them ever since. Now I can't get enough.

Margaritas! I had several margaritas this weekend...started with three at Beth's party, and then another at the birthday party I attended Saturday night and then yet another when I went to Margaritas for dinner with Danielle and Mike. I usually don't drink this much, I promise. It just happened to be one of those kinds of weekends.

A delicious taco salad at Margaritas last night. I don't usually order salad when I go out for dinner ($10 for a bunch of veggies that I could get for $3 at the grocery store, no thank you) but with all the crap I put in my body this weekend, I figured a salad would do me good. Of course you can see that it is loaded with sour cream and guac so it really wasn't good. Tasted good though!

This morning I am recovering from my weekend food and alcohol binge and started out the day with a cantaloupe bowl. I actually got this idea from Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat and I have to say, it's a stroke of genius. Scoop out the seeds of the cantaloupe and you have the perfect little bowl for a yogurt. I spooned in some Oikos greek yogurt and topped it with a little granola. What a perfect breakfast! We will see how long it holds me though. I brought an apple for a snack just in case I get ravenous before it's time for lunch.

Lunch today is a salad, I probably won't post pictures of it because it's the same lunch I had Friday, only probably with some olives (craving a little salt today). I will be back later with a post on caffeine. Also, thank you guys for your supportive comments on my last's nice to have people who understand what you're going through and I really appreciate the support.

BTW, did anyone watch True Blood last night? Was anyone else as disappointed as I was? I mean, True Blood is not True Blood without some nudity, right? Not a nipple or ass cheek in sight. How disappointing. I had actually read spoilers that there was going to be a hot threesome in the finale of Eric, Bill, and Sookie that I was really looking forward to. I will say though, Sookie had a few humorous moments (although they were meant to show her angry side, I found them more amusing than scary). Word on the web has it that season four picks up RIGHT where season three leaves off. I can't wait!

Did anyone else overdo it this weekend?

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  1. Wings + Oktoberfest = perfection.

    I did watch True Blood and was SO underwhelmed. The season was so great and then the finale was so anti-climatic.