Monday, September 20, 2010

My Aching Butt

Monday came awfully quick, didn't it? I literally feel like I just left work.

So you're probably wondering about my post title this morning. Yesterday I finally made it to Bodypump and wow I'm sore today. Particularly my butt, quads, and hamstrings. Even my chest a little bit, but really, the sorest is my butt. Apparently I lunged a little bit harder yesterday than usual. I will say, the one area I don't feel I NEED to work on is my butt, so it's unfortunate that clearly it got the biggest workout instead of my "problem" areas (abs, inner thighs, etc. you ladies know what I'm talking about).

My workout this morning was a spin class. The Monday morning instructor was shameless plugging his new small group training class (which you have to pay extra for, even if you're a member of the gym, which I personally think is ridiculous to the tune of $190 for an 8 week class). Funny enough, the class he's teaching is a TRX (previously reviewed by Rachel here) and I have to say, I am really intrigued. I would like to give it a shot before committing to a class, but unfortunately you can't try it before you buy it.

Breakfast this morning was a cantaloupe bowl. Apparently I waited just a touch too long to eat this guy because it had fruit flies flying around it and a soft spot (that I cut off) but that didn't deter me from eating it. Yes I know I'm disgusting. I cut mold off bread and cheese and eat it. I've never gotten sick from doing this. I don't believe in wasting perfectly good food because it's gotten a little old. So, the cantaloupe got eaten this morning. My cantaloupe bowl ingredients:

The pineapple chobani is my absolute favorite greek yogurt ever. And I actually managed to also photograph my morning snack today! I usually miss the snacks with the camera and often forget to even mention them on the blog, but I was on top of things today! Mid morning snack was a banana (I love spotted bananas, however I know this will gross a lot of you out too if my mold thing didn't already get to you) and a Vans organic blueberry waffle.

Lunch today will be a big salad. I'm going out to dinner tonight so I have to save some of my lunch calories for the beer or two I'm going to have with dinner ;)

How was everyone's weekend? Does anyone else just cut the mold off?


  1. Gagged a little bit! No!!!

  2. I cut the mold off! it's not like it's a virus that has spread to the interior of [insert food here], it's just the surface!

    cheese especially....i mean really...people eat blu cheese....

  3. ha what's funny is that I despise blu cheese...