Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch & Watch City Brewing Company

Good evening friends! I'm back to bring you my lunch and dinner. I know I said that I was having a salad for lunch, and I did, however, I was actually craving a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, but since I didn't have tomato soup, I decided to stick with the salad but have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich as well.

I realized that I didn't have any cheese slices so I used shredded cheese instead. A good idea in theory, but the problem with that is when you go to flip the grilled cheese, the cheese falls out all over the place (yes this did happen to me). No fear though! I just added more cheese and waited for it to melt and then enjoyed. MMM cheesy goodness...

On the side as promised was a salad with romaine, radishes, and olives. I saved the best for last of course.

For dessert I had a delicious organic plum that was on sale at Hannaford's last week. It was yummy, but could've used another day or two of ripening as it wasn't quite as juicy and sweet how I had hoped it would be. That's ok because I have another waiting for me!

Just before leaving to go back to work, the mail came, and guess what was in it?? YAY!

I can't wait to browse this guy for some new recipes! Dinner tonight was with the fuzz at the Watch City Brewing Company on Moody Street in Waltham. They have some interesting beers here, but by far my favorite so far is the vanilla ale that they have. Tonight though, it was all about the pumpkin! A pitcher of it to be specific...

For dinner I got the grilled chicken breast sandwich with swiss cheese and honey mustard. I also got sweet potato fries on the side, which were both delicious. Of course, I was halfway finished with it before I remembered to take the picture :(

For your reading pleasure, a Time magazine interview with Jackie Warner here.

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  1. haha the fuzz looks like he's ducking to get out of that picture! :-)

    love me some pumpkin ale too :-) we should go and get vanilla soon! sounds yummy - also mike is warming up to waltham :-)

  2. Haha he was, but I got his arm anyway!

    We will go, maybe next week sometime.

  3. The dinner looks delish!

    Is that a magazine? I've heard of the book, but I didn't know there was a magazine. I want it!!