Thursday, October 14, 2010

B. Good Part 2

Howdy friends!

A few weeks ago I reviewed B. Good at Legacy Place in Dedham. Well last night I had an impromptu dinner date with my fabulous friend Meg, and we settled on B. Good again.

I ordered the sweet potato fries the first time which were gross, so I switched over to the regular fries this time. What a difference! The regular fries are a million times better. They are crispy, tasty, and downright mouthwatering. And I actually remembered to take a picture of my burger and fries BEFORE digging in! How unlike me.

Meg ordered the veggie burger, which I snapped a photo of as well just to show you guys. I have never ordered the veggie burger here but I think I will next time as it looked pretty good.

B. Good now gets an A in my book and I will definitely be back.

Breakfast this morning was cereal. I had a run scheduled at the gym, but got 0.4 miles down and started having "tummy trouble" and had to stop. Once I took care of the issue I had lost all desire to run and just went home to catch up on yesterday's episode of General Hospital instead. Yes I watch a soap opera. Don't judge, I've been watching it since I was 7. It's a guilty pleasure.

On the menu for lunch is leftover healthy baked pasta and tonight I am making one of the boy's favorites...chicken enchiladas! I will post the recipe later tonight.

What's your guilty pleasure? Any shows you don't want to admit you watch?


  1. I watch GH too!!!! I've been watching since I was like 5 years old. I love it. I'm so sick of everyone fawning over Brenda though. We get it! She's hot! Spinelli is working my last nerve. I love Lucky!!!!

    I'll have to check out B. Good. I've been dying to go and it's not that far from my house.

  2. gross sweet potato fries?! what?! that's crazy.

    I still watching dancing with the stars---thats a guilty pleasure i suppose :)

  3. Melissa - Yes Brenda is hot...but so are all of the other women on the show. I never really liked Spinelli, he's such an odd character...and it's a soap opera, isn't everyone on it supposed to be ridiculously good looking? Well he isn't.

    Lisa - The sweet potato fries were cut too big, so they were soggy on the outside and uncooked on the inside. I have never had gross sweet potato fries in my life before I ate there. It's such a hard thing to screw up!