Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hi bloggies! Sorry I've been MIA since Thursday, it's been a busy couple of weeks!

My workout this morning was spin. Being a holiday there was practically NO ONE at the gym and only a total of 7 people in my class this morning. I really hate having to work holidays when I feel like everyone else in the world is off, but the upside is that there is no one on the road either. Breakfast was pumpkin oats and lunch was a chicken salad sandwich with some raw green beans on the side from a farmers market. Raw fresh green beans always remind me of my grandmother's house. Delicious.

A little recap of my weekend...friday night was nice and quiet with a lovely dinner with the boy of pizza and beer ;) It had been a rough day because of some stupid high school girl drama from a now former friend of mine that I won't get into because she doesn't deserve the mention on my blog, but suffice it to say that the whole thing was completely ridiculous. Saturday morning the boy and I did a nice hike in Blue Hills. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I'm bummed that I left my camera at home :/ No worries though, we will be doing the same hike next Saturday and I will be sure to remember my camera. The rest of the day included some errands and then we had the lovely Danielle's birthday party at Harp in Boston. Does anyone else feel like they are way too old for clubs? Because I do. It was still a lot of fun though! Sunday morning the boy and I did a nice long walk down the trail I usually go running on and talked about a training plan so that he can run a race with me in the spring. Of course he has some unrealistic tough guy goals but I'm hoping to snap him out of that ;)

The highlight of the weekend was a trip to Six Flags Fright Fest. The boy and I went later in the day because our main goal was to take a trip through the Wicked Woods. This year was my third year going and it was by far the worst year. I only had one real scream and one half scream. The first year I went I was screaming every ten feet! It was also extremely packed. The wait times weren't that bad considering how busy it was, but by waiting in line for the third ride I had about had it with standing in line. We breaked for dinner and got the grecian chicken pita they have there that is UNBELIEVABLE. I wish they sold thick pitas like that at my supermarket, I would eat them every day. It's basically grilled chicken, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and onions with italian dressing wrapped in a hot thick pita. Oh. My. God. We also split and order of cheese fries, although it was a pretty uneven split with me only eating a few bites. The problem with cheese fries is that once the fries start to get soggy, they don't taste good to me, and since the pita was so delish, it took me a while to get to the fries.

After the Wicked Woods, we decided to try and see if the lines were a little shorter and try to get in another ride or two in of my favorite ride, Batman. As luck would have it, the wait was only a half hour so we decided to give it a go and hope that we got the front row (I love the front row, it's a whole different ride in the front row than sitting anywhere else). We did not get the front row but decided to do one more rotation through and the line had gotten even shorter, down to 20 minutes! We went through and again didn't get the front row, but decided to try one more time...the wait this time was only ten minutes and as we got closer to the front we were counting the people in front of us to see if we were going to get the front row. To our disappointment, the count would have put us in row 2 as there was a group of 3 in front of us. But then the heavens opened up and brought us two fast-passers (people who pay extra to not wait in the line). They happened to be a group of 2 that wanted the front row so the group of 3 got bumped back to row 2 and we got to share the front row with the fast passers! What a great way to end the night :)

What is your favorite amusement park? Are you a rollercoaster kind of person or a spinny ride kind of person? Or do you hate rides altogether?

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