Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Can Bench 250...Grams That Is

Good morning bloggies! The rain is a bummer this morning. I'm tired of the dark and drearies...fall is supposed to be one of my two favorite seasons. Bring on the cool crisp air and sunshine please.

I've been going to Bodypump at least once a week (sometimes twice) for the last month, and today was the first day that I actually felt like I had the right amount of weight on every track and left feeling like I had a good workout (it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what weight you need) and today I am documenting the amount of weight I use so I can track my progress. My goal is to get stronger...I have always been a cardio girl...have never had any problems with intervals or breaking a sweat for an hour, but I have never been able to stay consistent with a weight training routine. I'm trying to change that because I know how good it is for you for your muscles, bones, and metabolism. So, here are my current weights not including the 3 pound bar:

Warmup: 15lbs
Squats: 20lbs
Chest: 15lbs
Back: 15lbs
Triceps: 10lbs
Biceps: 15lbs
Lunges: 15lbs
Shoulders: 10lbs
Abs: Body weight

A lot of these weights seem low, but remember I'm a beginner. I'm actually going to see how I feel tomorrow from today's class and make the judgement if I can go up. I'm probably going to increase my squat and back weight on Sunday.

Today's breakfast was pumpkin oats. This weekend I found the pumpkin butter is back at Trader Joe's so of course I stocked up and have added it to my oats the last 2 mornings, along with some cinnamon, walnuts, and a half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. A perfect breakfast. My mid-morning snack was a 1/2 of a banana (the bottom half had a yucky black spot) and a pear. Lunch was a nice surprise from the boy...my favorite basil fried rice :) I had leftover steak tips on the menu, but the basil fried rice was perfect for this cold rainy day. I had a piece of banana bread for dessert and shared it with the boy, about which a convo ensued:

Me: If I hadn't told you it was healthy, would've you have known it was?
Boy: Yeah, it kind of has that bland taste that only healthy things have
Me: You think my banana bread is bland???
Boy: It's actually the best banana bread I've had in a long time
Me: That's because it's been a long time since you've had banana bread, isn't it?
Boy: Maybe...

I guess my banana bread isn't as good as I thought! Oh well, you slather anything with as much butter as I put on my banana bread and it's bound to taste good!

What is your weight routine like? Do you find weight lifting or cardio easier/more fun?


  1. I think that a class (like boot camp) is a nice mix of cardio and weight lifting...the plyometrics are sometimes tough, but well worth it when you're sweating your bee-hind off :-) I just enjoy a nice sweat!

  2. I am really bad/inconsistent with weight training, but trying to get better. I do the Shred occassionally and thats really all the weight training I do...