Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuscan Grill

Last night I had dinner plans with my friend Jimmy. Our original plan was to go to Tempo on Moody Street, but apparently they had no open reservations for last night, which I thought was strange for a Monday night, holiday or no. I hate restaurants that only take reservations and give you attitude if you show up without one (Melting Pot, I'm looking at you). So already I am a little soured on Tempo. The backup plan ended up being the Tuscan Grill right across the street, which was also on my list to try. The ambience was lovely, very rustic and intimate. The restaurant itself is on the small side, but they more than make up for that with the decor and the service (not to mention the food).

I was ravenous by the time we sat down to eat so I was VERY excited when I saw a bread basket coming my way...but oh wait. Where's the oil? Or butter? Dipping sauce? None of the above friends. Just bread. I will say the bread was really good, soft and chewy with a nice flavor, but it felt so wrong eating bread without the normal accoutrements (that is my big word for the day). They also give you unpitted kalamata olives, which I thought was strange. Why would they give you a plate of olives with pits? Puzzling.

For my entree I ordered the Wood Grilled Stuffed Chicken (stuffed with pork, herbs, and garlic) with a side of crispy red potatoes and roasted butternut squash. The chicken was amazing. Very juicy and flavorful. I will say that visually it was lacking, as the pork and garlic were the same color as the chicken, so you couldn't really see the "stuffing" so to speak. The potatoes and butternut squash were equally as amazing. The portion size was perfect. I have a huge appreciation for restaurants that don't give you a dinner for four when you order your entree. I apologize for the picture, the lighting was dark in the restaurant so I didn't want to do a retake as I was already drawing a lot of attention to myself taking pictures.

For dessert we ordered the Chocolate Budino, which was the best budino I have ever had. I typically order the chocolate budino for dessert when I go to Bertuccis, but the one at Bertuccis is more of a mousse than a pudding. This one was more like a pudding, but homemade pudding with homemade whipped cream and little homemade sticks of chocolate. The chocolate flavor was rich and deep, you could definitely tell immediately that it was homemade from scratch. I may or may not have moaned a little taking the first bite. I would've licked the bowl clean if we weren't in a very visible part of the restaurant.

I would most certainly eat there again. The great thing about Tuscan Grill is that their menu changes frequently (the menu online did not match the menu we got at the restaurant) so they are always coming up with new dishes to try, so I will definitely be back. If for nothing else than for that budino.

This morning I took a Bodypump class. I drove all the way to the gym this morning and then almost didn't go in. I just wasn't feeling it for some reason. But I made myself go anyway and I'm glad I did because I ended up increasing my squat and back weight!

Warmup: 15lbs

Squats: 25lbs
Chest: 15lbs
Back: 20lbs
Triceps: 10lbs
Biceps: 15lbs
Lunges: 15lbs
Shoulders: 10lbs
Abs: Body weight

Breakfast was a cantaloupe bowl with pineapple chobani and a little granola on top. Snack was a banana. On the agenda tonight is a turkey penne casserole and a 2 mile run with the boy. Today is the restart of his running (he ran track in high school) and I'm excited to see what he's made of (besides milk duds and pizza).

As a side note, I saw this post this morning and just had to share...Red Velvet Cookies. Oh. My. God. These are getting made this weekend. I can hardly wait. I'm thinking about taking the rest of the day as a sick day to go make these. Oh wait, I gave my notice and don't have any more sick time. Damn.

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  1. Good job getting in the gym. It's tough sometimes!

    That meal looks fantastic. I like the idea of pork stuffing. I'll have to check this place out!