Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! I start my new job today, but before I head in, I thought I would bring you some weekend highlights. Friday night I went over Meg's to bum around and watch a movie. We watched Leap Year (it was an ok movie, but very low budget and cheesy) but clearly the highlight of the night was the Taylor Tuesday pizza from Comella's. Basically the Taylor Tuesday is a Margarita pizza with globs of mozzarella and basil. Under Meg's influence, I agreed to adding chicken cutlet to my pizza. Wow. Excellent addition. The chicken was not dry like I half expected it to be and they were generous with the mozzarella. The one thing I will say is that there definitely could have been a little bit more sauce and it would have been perfect.

Saturday morning consisted of a boot run with Meg to the Wrentham outlets. Girlfriend was on a mission and after a long decision making process regarding the smaller size vs. the larger size, we left with what I think are the perfect boots for her.

The Wrentham Outlets are my kryptonite. Of course I found a skirt that I fell in love with at J. Crew, but am in saving mode so I couldn't get it :( Isn't that always the way? It made me sad that I couldn't get it, but to make for it, I cam home and got a lovely surprise from my :) They were a congratulations gift for my new job. They were gorgeous.

Then I may have had one or two (or four) of these Saturday night...

I actually think I like the Shipyard Pumpkin a little better. It is a little spicier I feel. Before hitting the booze, the boy and I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some lunch meat for the week and some of my favorite charmingly chewy cookies (you guys have heard me talk about these obsessively). We first went to the TJ's in Newton, but all they had was the chocolate chip, so the boy suggested we drive to Burlington (he's my hero! he knows the way to my heart is through cookies) and see if they had them. So we drove to Burlington and they didn't have them either, so the boy asked a store employee and they in fact verified that my beloved charmingly chewy oatmeal cookies have been DISCONTINUED. I literally could have cried. The best oatmeal cookies I have ever had in my life and they are gone forever. I am crushed :(

To ease the pain a little, I had lunch with Jimmy yesterday at Joe's All American. I ordered the chicken club with avocado instead of mayonnaise and picked off the bacon (I know, the bacon is what makes it a "club" but they don't have just a plain chicken sandwich on the menu). I also ordered sweet potato fries, which they forgot about, hence why you see the extra plate of fries in the picture. I love their sweet potato fries. The chicken sandwich, however, was actually really dry.

Jimmy ordered the turkey burger, which I've had and didn't love. He also made me say I wouldn't put this picture on the blog, but I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

We followed it up with a little shopping. Nothing heals my heart like shopping. All I walked away with though was a pink under armour fleece. For some reason, there just doesn't seem to be much in the stores that I'm attracted to. That is so unusual for me, typically I'm attracted to everything in stores.

Bought anything good lately? Am I the only one who is not blown away by this season's fashions? How was your weekend?

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  1. I haven't bought clothes in forever. I wait until I have holes in my shoes and pants. I'm pathetic.
    I got a pumpkin this weekend, worked, and watched Sherlock Holmes. It was poppin!