Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My First Day

Hi bloggies! So as you all know, yesterday was my first day at a new job (YAY!) and I can't really go into too much detail of course, but suffice it to say it's where I have been trying to get for years now, I get to travel a lot, and so far my coworkers are great! My boss and a coworker took me out yesterday to Elephant Castle in Boston, but since it was my first day and all, I felt a little weird about taking pictures, but rest assured, I will go back and review it officially for you guys. I'm actually excited about the prospect of reviewing all the restaurants in the area for you guys. Here is the view from my office kitchen:

They let me leave work a little early since it was my first day, so I came home and cuddled with this girl for a little while until the boy got home, at which point he snapped this lovely picture because she's sitting in such a ladylike way, don't you think?

She never leaves me alone for a second when I'm home, I have a cat appendage on me at all times. She's a cutie though. Then when the boy got home and we finished playing photoshoot, he asked how I liked his note. Not having any idea what he was talking about I just stared at him. Apparently he had written me a note for my first day and put it in the side pocket of my purse (which I hardly ever use). Since I left my purse in the car, I made him go out and get it. He didn't want me to put it on the blog, but I put everything on the blog, he should know this right? He actually wanted me to give him time to write a more "blog-worthy" note. The funny thing about this note is that it's actually a haiku, which he very proudly pointed out to me when I didn't realize it myself. He's a cutie too.

Don't mind the grease stains, apparently he found this piece of paper on the kitchen counter. I was nervous yesterday, so I wish I had gotten this note before I went in to work, but oh well, it still made me happy getting it last night.

Breakfast this morning was a banana and a bowl of cereal. I had briefly considered oatmeal (I'm craving a little pumpkin today) but decided to just stick with the cereal.

Lunch was leftover baked pasta from a few weeks ago. We are in leftover eating mode in this house because we have soooo much of them in the fridge and freezer, so you may not see any more new recipes this week :/

New music Tuesday today! There was some good stuff on iTunes this morning. The new Taylor Swift CD (which I'm going to go grab tonight), previews of the new Kanye and the new Kid Cudi, and a new Kesha single. Yes, I like Kesha. You have a problem with that? You know she's catchy.

Alright it's back to work for this girl!

How often do you get "lazy" with your meals and just throw together something really simple instead of actually cooking a meal?


  1. Hey! I just found your blog :)
    Best wishes with the new job. I hope the first week is as smooth as possible!

    The note (as spotty as it might be) is absolutely sweet.

    And T. Swift's new album is so great. Never Grow Up, Back to December, and Mine are my favorites right now.

  2. awwwww I love Mica :-) she's a nice lady to snuggle with :-)

    the boy's note was super cute :-) he gets brownie points for that.....as well as his rhinestone belt hollaaaa

  3. Yay, glad your first day went well. The note from the boy is adorable (sometimes they really do surprise us with the sweetest things)! I'd love to hear about elephant castle too. I've heard good reviews overall :)

  4. So sweet! I get lazy too often and end up whipping things together! They can't all be worthy of a gold star...sometimes I'm just tired before or after work!