Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Ever Happened to My Bedazzler??

Hi friends. So today is new music Tuesday! I love new music Tuesday. Not much good to download today though besides new singles from Taylor Swift and Duffy (it's about time for her, it's been ages).

So last night started out with a few laughs at the boy's expense. At some point during the day yesterday, I get a text from the boy that the button on his pants broke. He found a safety pin though, so it was ok. At various points throughout the day, I got updates on the state of his pants. Apparently the safety pin didn't work as well as he wanted it to.

He beat me home and was already in his comfies when I arrived. I went into the bedroom to change into mine and saw these on the bed. Notice what is amiss here??

Me to the Boy: Where did you get this belt?
Boy: I stopped at the goodwill store because my pants wouldn't stay up. At one point I considered trying an orange seatbelt but thought that wasn't really work appropriate. This was the only belt they had that fit me.
Me: Do you realize this is a woman's belt?
Boy: Really? How can you tell?
Me: Because it's BEDAZZLED.

I know the picture doesn't really do it justice, but the belt buckle had diamond rhinetones all over it. But really, I'm no one to judge because I did walk around for the last THREE days with Chuck E. Cheese stickers all over my jacket from Saturday with the Lamberts without even realizing it. So thanks to everyone who has seen me the last three days and not mentioned the action stickers staring Mr. Cheese that covered me.

After dinner, I decided to try baking up some delicious oatmeal cookies. The recipe I had called for some chocolate, but I eliminated that and it was clearly a mistake because my cookies wouldn't really stick together. I also may have used too much flour. They came out ok, but not amazing, so I will have to retweak my recipe before I can post it for you guys. I still ate them of course, I have never won a battle against a cookie.

This morning's breakfast was cereal and a banana. So interesting, I know. I decided to swap out my Bodypump class this morning in favor of going to the gym tonight and dragging the boy along to get some cardio in as well as this killer ab routine that I found on YouTube yesterday:

Looks really tough doesn't it?? I really want to start focusing more on my core. It has gone neglected for way too long. I do ten minutes here and there, but haven't stayed consistent and I know it's my weakest area. And on a good note, my knee is feeling a lot better today! I was nervous about doing Bodypump this morning with the lunges and squats with it hurting like it was. I will probably do low impact cardio tonight in the form of the bike or the elliptical just to give it a couple more days. Better safe than sorry.

Did you have a bedazzler? I sure did! I think I only did maybe 2 pieces of clothing before it got old.


  1. I didn't have a bedazzler, but I wanted one. I still do! I would bedazzle the f*ck out of my boyfriends clothes.

    That is too funny that he didn't even notice his rhinestone studded belt. Rhinestone cowboy!

  2. Hey I just found your blog! The bedazzeled belt story cracked me up. How do boys not notice these things?? that abs video looks hard core! Have you ever tried the p90x ab dvd? that's my favorite ab workout dvd!

  3. @Melissa - Rhinestone Cowboy may be the boy's new nickname on the blog!

    @Liz - I'm surprised that he walked around all day with a sparkly belt and no one said anything. You would think one of the guys he works with would've made fun. I have never tried p90x but have heard great things, I will have to check it out!