Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caffeine Update

Hello hello! Remember how I told you guys about a month ago in this post that I was going to try weaning myself off the caffeine? Well I thought I would give you an update on that since I believe I've only mentioned it once in passing since then.

I am on day 6 of absolutely no coffee. Score one for me. However, I am still drinking soda. I have a half of a bottle of Diet Pepsi left in my fridge and my goal is to just not buy it again when that runs out. I will allow myself to have it if I am going out to dinner, but I am no longer going to drink it at home. Eventually I will stop ordering it when I go out but for now, I'm hoping weaning off slowly instead of going cold turkey will allow me to stay off the caffeine wagon a little longer than it usually does. Caffeine is my crack. I have a really hard time kicking the habit. They need a rehab for caffeine addiction, or at least something like AA meetings. Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I'm a caffeine-aholic. I think that might really work for me, any venue where I can stand in front of a group of people and talk about myself will keep me coming back.

Now on to my daily eats! This morning's very rushed breakfast was cereal. I didn't make it to spin this morning, I decided to sleep in since I was up a little late last night and didn't end up sleeping well. Lunch was a big mouth sandwich with turkey breast, avocado, tomato, and a little mayo on sourdough (yep, I'm still loving the sourdough). Dinner tonight is going to be orange glazed tofu, which I will post the recipe and pictures for tomorrow morning.

How did you kick your caffeine habit? Or are you still an addict?


  1. good for you on going without coffee! I gave up Starbucks for the month, but that's mostly for money and calorie reasons, lol. I still drink a can of diet coke a day. did you get any nasty caffeine withdrawal headaches? that's the worst for me!

  2. I do get the withdrawal headaches if I quit drinking it all together. I'm off the coffee completely (weaned off over a month period) and am about to be off the soda. Today is probably my last day drinking it. Or at least that's the goal ;)