Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a Quitter!

Today I have no pictures of food, no recipes to post, no meals to talk about. Today I have much more important things to discuss. Today, I quit my job.

Of course I didn't quit without another job, don't get nervous! I actually landed a job that I have been trying to get for pretty much the last 5 years of my career, and it's a career-making move. I get to travel a lot, work from home a lot, get six weeks vacation, and get paid a lot more than I do now :) I feel a little bad that I just started this job that I'm at now a little over 4 months ago, but when an opportunity like this comes along, you can't let it slip away.

There are no words to describe to you guys how happy I am about this and have been dying to tell you all for weeks now and today I gave my notice so I can officially announce it to the world! For privacy reasons and all, I can't actually disclose who I am going to be working for. But it's a big important company! And now I'm big and important! (Well, sort of.)

Share your good news with me! Anyone else have good things happening in their lives?