Friday, October 1, 2010

B. Good

It's not an illusion, I am actually blogging on a Friday night. Earlier I had said I was going to see The Social Network tonight, but of course the show we were going to got sold out before we got there. Being tired and disappointed that we weren't going to see the movie, I decided to just call it a night after dinner and come home and cuddle with this girl...

She doesn't looked to be pleased to be having her photo taken does she?

For the movie we met up at Legacy Place in Dedham (if you haven't been there it's amazing but such a bitch to park at) so decided to hit up B. Good for dinner before the movie. I had actually never eaten there, so I was excited to try it.

The restaurant is actually a chain and it's I was very excited to see that you could get sweet potato fries (unheard of at a fast food restaurant). I was originally going to roll with the turkey burger but decided to just go with the regular burger when I got there. Of course I was already half way into the burger before I remembered to take a typical of me...

The burger was incredible. It was so juicy and flavorful. I got my usual burger toppings of cheddar cheese, mustard, ketchup, and lots of pickles. I gobbled that sucker down in about 2 seconds. I cannot say the same good things about the fries, however. They are actually the worst sweet potato fries I have ever had. They were way too thick so they were not even all the way cooked through, were extremely soggy and you could tell they had been sitting there (the burgers are made fresh to order but the fries are not). I was told the regular fries are better so I will try those when I go back again. All in all I'm not going to let the sweet potato fries keep me from going back, but if the regular fries are as disgusting as the sweet potato fries, I probably will not go back even though the burgers are delicious.

Tonight I am staying in, catching up on my DVR and stacks of magazines that have gone unread for the last couple of months. It's nice to be relaxing at home for a change.

As promised, banana bread recipe coming tomorrow...have a good night bloggies!

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